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Elshaddai Pranic Healing

It is a healing modality developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that works with Prana or life force to improve a wide range of physical and psychological ailment. It is a Science behind energy healing that has been into practice from ancient times in India and many parts of the world.

Pranic Healing is based on Two basic Principal:

1. Body has a capacity to heal itself
2. Principle of life energy or vital energy.

In general our body has a capacity to heal itself at a certain rate. This rate of healing depends upon the life energy of the body. Increasing the life energy on the affected part or on the entire body can accelerate the healing process.

All beings have an energy field around them that is called as bioplasmic body or Aura. With the help of Kirlian & GDV cameras one can take picture of Aura. This aura looks like a luminous field of light in a healthy person. The bigger the size of aura the healthier and more energetic person is.

Any thing in life that disturbs us such as stress, tension and arguments makes aura dimmer, and imbalanced. Since the affect one affect the other. This in long run appears physical and psychological problems.

With Pranic Healing we are able to detect imbalances in the aura and remove them using the simple technique that involves no touching and no drug and any one above sixteen year above can learn to do it.

Once the aura is balanced, cleansed and bright our physical, psychological and financial health is guaranteed It is supported by tons and tons of researches and testimonials round the world.

Today Pranic Healing is spread over 120 countries, elshaddai Pranic Healing is practiced by people from all walks of life, doctors, scientist, athletes, students, homemakers, In Short people like you and me.

Benefits of Learning Pranic Healing & Meditation

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved Physical and Psychological health
  • Ability to heal oneself and others
  • Increased stamina
  • Greater control over lower emotions
  • Inner peace and happiness
  • Better memory and concentration
  • Better interpersonal skill
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Rapid spiritual growth
  • Ability to heal from distance
  • Simple techniques to increase own energy level


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