We Provide

Appointments available from Monday to Friday between 10.00 am to 6.00 pm for Healing of any Physical or Psychological Ailment

Simple Ailments

Elshaddai Pranic Healing

Fever, Flu, Head Ache Back ache, respiratory ailment, Urinary Ailment, Gastrointestinal ailment.

Severe Ailments

Elshaddai Pranic Healing

Heart Ailment, Brain disorders, Regeneration of Body organ, Tumors and cancer

Psychological Ailments

Elshaddai Pranic Healing

Stress, Tension, fear, phobia, Anxiety, Anger, Hysteria, Addiction, Trauma, Depression, Relationship healing.

Body Sculpting & Pranic Facial

Elshaddai Pranic Healing

Rejuvenate and reshape the body, tummy tuck, chin tuck etc…
Wrinkle-free, pimple-free, stress-free and youthful looking face.

More Treatment

  • Free Healing Camps
  • Free Pranic Healing Introduction Programs
  • Stress Relief Meditations for Corporate
  • Pranic Feng Shui (Home & Office)
  • Free Meditations for Peace & illumination
  • Super Brain Yoga for Students
  • Nurturing Sessions
  • Regular Arhatic Yoga Practices
  • Pranic Healing Practice Sessions
  • Relationship Healing


ELSHADDAI Pranic Healing Center,

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Pratap nagar, Nagpur-440022

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